A Day At The Beach: A Timeless Summer Tradition

Have you ever wished that doctors would prescribe a day at the beach as a cure for stress? If so, you may have fit in perfectly in 18th-century Britain!

Wading Into History

Beaches in earlier centuries were places where nature reigned supreme. In fact, oceans were untamed, dangerous forces of nature that precipitated shipwrecks and claimed the lives of hapless sailors. Yet, the waters were also sources of food and venues for trade and commerce.

The ancestors to today’s groomed, regulated beaches first originated in 18th-century Europe. Then, wealthy elites led the way in championing the curative properties of sea-bathing. A visit to the beach would have been prescribed by doctors as a potential cure for everything from depression to hysteria. Much like today’s wellness fads, going to the beach became a popular way to cure one’s ills. Thus, the practice of looking to the sea for healing began to spread across the globe.

By the 19th century, almost everyone began flocking to the coastlines to enjoy the refreshing combination of sand, sun, and water.

Modern Beaches

Modern beaches are tailored for maximum fun in the sun! Most beaches today are clean, well-landscaped, and are much more regulated than their historical predecessors. Lifeguards, cordoned-off swim areas, and safety regulations have all made a trip to the beach a safer activity. 

That said, swimming is just one of many fun activities you and your family can indulge in at the beach! The shoreline is full of rewards, prompting some to use metal detectors to look for long-lost treasures. Meanwhile, others scour the beach for unique shells, driftwood, and rocks. Near the water, interesting creatures like starfish and small breeds of octopuses hide in warm tide pools, avoiding the gaze of seafaring birds and other predators.

Looking for new ways to enjoy the beach? Choose an overcast day to beautify your favorite beach. Grab some gardening gloves, trash bags, and a sack lunch. Spend an afternoon preserving one of nature’s treasured gifts! It may not be glamorous or relaxing, but you’ll feel like an eco-superhero when you’re done.

Beach Commerce

Professional surfers take to the ocean to compete for money, fame, and bragging rights, conquering huge waves and reveling in what once terrified the seafarers of old! Today, the oceans are a source of inspiration for writers, musicians, and artists alike, a creative muse that has survived the test of time to provide us healing and adventure. 

With a little luck, you can even make the beach your office! Teach people to surf, become a beach yoga instructor, or work as a freelance writer. Enjoy a day at the beach instead of being cooped up in a stuffy office during the summer months. The recent trend in telecommuting to work could make your dreams of making money with your toes in the sand a reality!

The Most Famous Beach In America

If you live near a large body of water, you’re more than likely very familiar with the beaches in your area and frequent them during the hottest days of summer. If not, you may want to plan a trip to one of the most beautiful beaches in America to get the full experience of paradise!

Malibu, California has been famous for its beaches since the 1960s “golden age” of surfing, when picturesque landscapes and killer waves beckoned beachgoers to the shore in droves. The beaches were so popular that even The Beach Boys in their 1963 smash-hit song, Surfin’ USA, literally sang their praises! Movies, books, and more musical inspirations followed in the years to come, making Malibu and its vibrant surfer’s paradise a thing of legend. 

The most popular beach in Malibu today is Malibu “Surfrider” Beach, a place where swimmers, surfers, nightlife enthusiasts, and casual beachcombers alike can mingle to enjoy its attractions.