Bending Reality at the Belgrade Museums of Optical Illusions

Brain-twisting, perception-puzzling, just plain weird-and-whacky optical illusions have been bending our reality for eons.

They’ve become fascinating and visually appealing to many viewers because of their trickery.

Similar to magicians and illusionists who use similar tactics to fool their audiences, the first known example of an optical illusion related to both sight and touch dating back to the time of Aristotle. 

In his ancient experiment, it was suggested a person cross their fingers and touch a pen simultaneously and it would appear and feel as though two pens (technically it would have been quills at the time) would be present. Today, many forms of optical illusions are found on the internet as 2D images appearing three-dimensional or changing their appearance in some way.

The Belgrade Museum of Optical Illusions

A more practical, hands-on approach to enjoying these mysterious images and elements are found at The Belgrade Museum of Optical Illusions with locations in over a dozen cities around the world. Currently, there are only two in the USA, Kansas City and New York, but more are slated to open in America soon including new museums in Dallas, Las Vegas and Miami. 

Speaking of locations, it would seem the signature site in Belgrade, Serbia would be the oldest but technically, a museum in Athens would be considered more ancient simply from a historical aspect. Other global venues include Paris, Vienna, Shanghai and Dubai just to name a few. 

Eye-Popping Exhibits

Some of the museum’s most mind-boggling exhibits include three-dimensional displays and auditory avenues that challenge multiple senses. Although venues vary with rotating illusions and different displays found in various locations, visitors generally see and experience:

  • Unusual and interactive illusions
  • Creepy clone concepts
  • Rooms that warp space and gravity
  • Mirrored displays that expand to infinity
  • Colorful, customized kaleidoscope creations for the imagination to unwind on multiple levels

Throughout history, museums around the world have been acclaimed and memorable for many reasons. For an experience that will really remain inside the sights and senses, be sure to check out one (or more) of the Belgrade Museums of Optical Illusions. These beautiful and beguiling images will remain engrained in a visitor’s brain long after they’ve left these halls.