Fun Scavenger Hunts With City HUNT

Voted Best Team-Building Company in the country, colleagues, co-workers, and corporate associates join in on all the fun of a scavenger hunt using the CityHUNT platform.

With over 200 cities, from Baltimore to Virginia Beach, chances are corporations will find an adventure awaiting nearby. But how will getting employees out of the office doing this type of group activity help them and the bottom line?

Behind the CityHUNT Concept

Back in the fall of 2000, NYU student Ben Hoffman found himself on a scavenger hunt team at a nearby pub crawl birthday party. After experiencing the pure joy, excitement and spontaneity of the event, Hoffman convinced his college buddy Jaymes Dec to start a company in order to change the lives of others using similar venues and occurrences. 

After five short years working in Dec’s grandmother’s apartment part-time while finishing their school curriculum, the duo has an office on Madison Avenue. They’ve also managed to accumulate a long list of Fortune 500 clients including Google, Pepsi and PayPal just to name a few. Don’t be fooled by these big names since the CityHUNT scavenger platforms are fully customizable to accommodate any number of participants, large or small.

Rewards of Working Together Outside the Office

Some of the challenges co-founders Ben and Dec faced were high-stress work environments, boring team-building exercises leading to poor employee relationships and ineffective communication practices. Taking workers out of the office and away from the monotony of their day-to-day tasks offered a better place for them to bond, laugh and blow off some steam.

Free from everyday pressures and stresses at the workplace, team members are able to focus while still having fun. These activities allow employees to create positive memories together and enjoy each other’s presence. Ultimately, this offers benefits, rewards and results including:

  • More meaningful employee relationships with their peers and supervisors
  • Improved communications and functionality overall
  • Boosting morale and energy levels

Planning and Scheduling

With over a dozen mostly pre-planned packages available from charity-based searches to trivia and game show venues, any of these options are able to be tweaked to accommodate a number of different circumstances and individual needs. With most of the planning already in place, hosts are able to obtain a free quote and request a proposal for their companies both big and small. 

Aside from business-related activities outside the workplace, CityHUNT also offers birthday, bachelor, wedding, and fundraising platforms. Step outside the ordinary, everyday occurrences and check out one of these rewarding and adventurous venues to benefit everyone involved.