Scuba Diving Lessons Are a Unique, Enlightening, Vacation Activity

Sometimes we forget that the world is much more than we see.

Even a shallow trip into the ocean reveals secret beauty that is right under our noses at all times. Scuba diving is a fun adventure that offers us a glimpse into unique beauty and adventure of the underwater realm.

Many vacation spots offer scuba diving lessons that give you the chance for education and adventure.

What is Scuba Diving?

Scuba stands for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

Scuba diving is a method of underwater diving in which the diver is completely independent of the surface. The diver carries their own source of breathing gas which gives them much more freedom to explore than other types of diving.

Scuba diving is a very popular recreational activity, but it is also used for scientific, educational, and military, applications. Generally, scuba divers wear swim fins on their feet so their movement underwater is quicker and more fluid. 

History of Scuba Diving

Humans have been exploring the water throughout history. As technology has progressed, so too has our ability to venture deeper into the ocean.

In fact, the first underwater breathing equipment arose in the late 1800’s. At this time there were two main types of systems.

  • Open Circuit- A system in which the diver’s exhaled carbon dioxide is vented into the water.
  • Closed Circuit- A system in which the diver’s exhaled breath is recirculated after oxygen is added and carbon dioxide is removed.

Open circuit diving tends to be simpler, inexpensive, and reliable. It is usually the type that is used for recreational diving. 


Scuba diving has the potential to be a dangerous activity. For this reason, reputable dive companies take the safety of their divers very seriously. Most require education before they will allow divers to enter the water. They also monitor the divers very closely during all stages of the dive. 

Scuba equipment has evolved through the years to be as streamlined as possible. This allows for greater freedom of movement and comfort while submerged. They have also increased efficiency which allows for longer, safer, dives. 


A recreational scuba diving company will provide all of the equipment that you need to safely dive. However, it is good to know the basic equipment that you need to have a fun and safe dive. 

  • Regulator
  • Dive computer
  • Alternate air source
  • Pressure gauge
  • Dive booties and fins
  • Mask
  • Buoyancy compensator 
  • Air tank
  • Weight belt

What is a Dive Like?

After you are educated on the equipment and procedures, you will be able to explore.

Following the instructor’s advice and regulations will make for a successful dive. Scuba diving will give you a new perspective on the environment and your place within. If you are diving in the ocean, you will no doubt be in awe of the magnitude of the great seas.

Moving freely through the ocean will also give you a sense of freedom and respect for the vastness of the world that we live in. 

Famous Scuba Divers

There has been many pioneers and famous divers throughout scuba’s history.

The world-renowned diver, author, filmmaker, and scientist, Jacques Cousteau is the most famous name associated with scuba diving. He helped design the Aqua-Lung, which was the first open-circuit scuba apparatus.

This invention revolutionized our ability to study and understand underwater environments. 

Scuba diving has become a very popular activity for vacationers. It offers you an opportunity to see some of this planet’s unique beauty. It allows you to observe and appreciate the extensive, underwater, ecosystem.

Scuba equipment is designed to give you as much freedom to explore as possible and has evolved throughout its more than century long history.

Safety is a primary concern and scuba diving should only be done under professional supervision.