Climb on Board a Pedal Hopper to Take a Tour and More

For those unaware, pedal hoppers are also known as party bikes or bar cycles and have been operating for decades in Europe.

Similar to a party bus, instead they’re powered entirely by people pedaling them through the streets. These clever contraptions are a fun, safe and great way to celebrate birthday parties, weddings, engage in tours and other outdoor adventures. 

A Pair of Prospects

Currently, the primary pedal hopper presentations are available in Denver and Kansas City offering a plethora of possibilities for “the party you pedal!” For example, in the Mile High City of Denver, pedaling excursions include corporate outings, public and private tours. Meanwhile, the City of Fountains in Kansas offers similar venues and both locations make more suggestions for possible outings including:

  • Guided routes through historical and significant sections of their fair cities
  • Pub and bar crawling stops at premium distilleries, breweries and more
  • Team-building tours for companies, colleagues and college students

Blog posts on Denver’s Pedal Hopper website include guides for summer activities, bar crawling tips and tricks along with recommendations for party outings including happy hour hints. 

By The Numbers

For private bookings, a minimum of eight passengers and a maximum of sixteen pedalers are necessary for an excursion that lasts for two hours. For smaller groups, there is an Electronic Pedal Assist feature available to give riders an extra push on slopes or during extended sessions between stops. The cost for a two-hour session is set at a flat fee for those riding in Kansas City and flexible rates depending upon the circumstances in Denver.

Seating Arrangements

Not all passengers are required to pedal since there are a total of ten pedal seats. There are also two non-pedaling positions in the rear, a backbench that holds three passengers and room in the center for a server, speaker, dancer or another entertainer to ride along who don’t deliver pedal power.

In closing, whether it’s a private affair, a public tour or a special occasion, be sure to check out a Pedal Hopper experience. You and your guests will have a blast pedaling your way through town. When taking a public tour, you’ll bond with your new-found pedal partners while enjoying the sights and sounds of the city.